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Tuesday, May 17 2011

It is very interesting to hear some of the reasons why an agency doesn't currently have a website or has a website that is outdated and unprofessional looking. Some say it is just not a top priority at the moment, budgetary concerns, a website won't do anything for my business, my customers don't use the internet, and the list goes on.

What is glowingly obvious by statements like those is that those folks clearly underestimate the power and reach of the internet.

There is a long list of reasons why your business should be online but we've narrowed that list down to the top six. Considering just these alone, builds a compelling case for immediate action.

Reason #1- Insurance Leads

Many folks go straight to their computer when searching for insurance quotes. Below is just an example of SOME of the searches performed last month alone!

Searches done just last month:
370071 auto insurance quote
199650 insurance quote
112886 life insurance quote
76521 health insurance quote
48553 online insurance quote
39759 term life insurance quote
31038 free insurance quote
21509 online auto insurance quote
14901 home owner insurance quote
13582 free health insurance quote
12547 home insurance quote
11379 california health insurance quote
10688 free car insurance quote
10283 free auto insurance quote

One hundred ninety nine thousand six hundred fifty searches for "insurance quote" just last month! If your business isn't online, those visitors are going to your competition and requesting insurance quotes. Those free quote requests are LEADS that are just slipping right through your fingers every single day.

Reason #2 - Your Website Can't Be Tossed Into The Round File

Brochures and other marketing materials are a necessary evil, however so is a website. The difference is, your website can't be tossed into the round file.

It is still there waiting for the next visitor to arrive and doesn't cost any more or any less because someone decided to leave.

Reason #3 - Easier for Clients to Refer Their Family and Friends

If a client wants to refer their family and friends, it is so much easier to click on a link from your website, put your friends email address in and hit the send button than it is to dig around in your insurance files for the information.

Plus, when the friend receives the email, they can click the link and go directly to your website when it is convenient for them, browse around and request more information or a quote. The operable word there is convenient!

You're most likely closed when they are ready to have a look, but not your website!

Reason #4 - Maximized ROI

Insurance Web Designs provides everything you need to have on your insurance website. At just $49.95 per month and a nominal set up fee, your website is stocked with online quote forms, customer service forms, insurance articles, an insurance glossary and more.

Reason #5 - The Best Employee You Will Ever Have

Your website isn't going to take a vacation, call in sick, ask for benefits or complain about working twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

Reason #6 - Enhanced Customer Service - You get to be a Hero

I've lost my auto id cards, it's Sunday morning and I just know I'll be too busy all week to call you to request new id cards. But then I remember that you have a website! I logon, find the form called "Request New Auto ID Cards", fill it out and Voila! I'm done. You've just made my day! I don't have to worry about it next week, it is taken care of and you just got to be a hero because you had a website I could use when it was convenient for me. Thank You!

What Next? You Ask. We're glad you asked! View our website packages here and sign up to get started with your online presence.

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