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There Are Two Things That Are Vital To ALL Businesses... Time & Money

Why Do Your Clients Leave? It's NOT What You Think!

Relationship Marketing 101

As a business professional, ask yourself this... Is this what YOUR clients are thinking?

Is this the message YOU WANT to be sending?

What Is Relationship Marketing?

The Core Philosophy

Build Relationships First (the 80/20 rule)

  • 80% of your communication should be based on Friendship and Celebration. Marketing messages should come second.
  • 20% of your communications should involve asking for the referral, and other promotional messages.

Build YOUR Personal Brand

  • Friendship; Offer your friendship and develop the client/ agent relationship through texts, calls, cards, and the web (social media/email).
  • Celebration; Celebrate your clients through pictures gifts and the written word.
  • Service; Offer top notch service and your clients will refer you over and over again.

The System

Master the Bridge between High Tech & Personal Touch

The System - Implement a system that will allow you to stay in touch with your clients and prospects, in a personal way, utilizing the convenience of your PC, tablets, and hand held devices.

When you master the use of this system your business will explode!

Ready To Skyrocket Your Business While Building Your Client Relationships?

The Ultimate Referral Marketing System


  • Increase Your Referrals
  • Help Improve Customer Retention and
  • Increase Your Bottom Line

Every business owner, professional or entrepreneur understands the importance of generating leads and converting those leads into customers, clients or patients. This process is crucial to the growth of any business or professional practce. But it doesn't stop there.

Once a prospect becomes a client you want to retain that client AND have that client refer other customers. This is how you increase the lifetime value of a customer and get a quantifiable return on your marketing investment. But how do you accomplish this effectively while the demands on your time are continuously increasing?

Referral Marketing on Auto Pilot

Now you can accomplish this with a print-on-demand system similar to the e-mail auto-responder systems that send out a series of e-mails automatically at set intervals. This auto pilot print-on-demand system does the same thing but imagine this... it does it with actual printed pieces like greeting cards and post cards sent out by mail.

And best of all, you can send custom cards in quantities as small as just ONE card at a time for less than purchasing at a store.

This system lets your clients know that you care.

I  encourage you to create a Top 100 List of contacts/organizations/businesses/prospects that would like to do business with; as well a list of your current customers or clients that you want to create, improve or build relationships with.

This Top 100 List is your ticket to skyrocketing your bottomline!

Think direct mail is a dated system? Not when using this personalized, greeting card themed Relationship Marketing System. These cards have a 100% open rate and show appreciation with a tangible touch! With only 3% of mail today being personalized, your greeting will be noticed and appreciated by the recipient!

Sharing not selling is the secret! Use these mailings to show appreciation, gratitude, share good community news, or to establish and build a new relationship. 

If all you do is send a thoughtful card to your Top 100 List once a month,
isn't a "Top 100" RELATIONSHIP worth your investment? Absolutely!

Continue to make a lasting impression...

  • Send as many cards & gifts as you want, to unlimited people, customized any way you want, anywhere in the world. 
  • Stand out as someone who cares. Send a card for Birthdays, Anniversary, Congratulations, Nice to Meet You, Celebrating New Possibilities. Add a box of brownies customized with their name on it, a mug with their logo or pictures on it, or a Starbucks card... there are hundreds of gifts you can send.
  • Import your contacts once, set it and forget it!

What Else Will This System Do?

  • Print full color photos inside the card
  • Automatically send out cards for Birthdays and Holidays
  • Make completely customized cards with your photos or artwork
  • Do this in minimum quantities of ONE
  • Do all this for pennies on the dollar
  • The price includes custom color printing (on both the inside and the outside of the card), stuffing into the envelope, and mailing.
  • Use this system personally to remember all your friends and family's special occasions. Just program in those birthdays and anniversaries, select a card and it goes out a week before. Never forget important Birthdays or Anniversaries again.
  • Send a custom card from your computer or smartphone in less than 60 seconds.

To get a FREE account so that you can test drive the system and send out cards yourself click here now.

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