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Monday, December 03 2018

Why Online Reviews are Essential for Insurance Agents (and How to Get More)

In our new digital world, the research is clear, online reviews have become essential for today's insurance agent. More and more clients begin their search for insurance products online. In a hyper-competitive market, even those who are referred by current customers are likely to check out your online reputation before even committing to a conversation.

What do consumers see when they look for you online? Are they viewing multiple, current, five-star reviews with helpful comments? If not, keep reading.

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Thursday, November 08 2018

How To Identify Phishing Emails, Scam Emails, & Legitimate Email Links

I will preface this post with the fact that I get about ten to twenty phone calls and/or emails each and every week from my clients about this topic alone. Personally, I am grateful for their trust and I deeply appreciate the opportunity to help them.

This post is intended to provide an additional resource on how to identify phishing emails, scam emails, and legitimate email links, not a replacement for contacting me for questions that you have! 😉

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Saturday, July 07 2018

On this week’s Relationship Marketing Weekly, Relationship Marketing Expert Kody Bateman interviews Insurance professional Bret Weston!  Bret explains how he created a 90% referral based business and maintain a 95% retention over the past five years. It’s an amazing story that I know you’ll enjoy!

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Sunday, July 01 2018

Insurance and financial service professional Mike Smith’s retention/persistency rate is 20% higher than the national average. 80% of his book of business has come from referrals. 100% of his Medicare business and 90% of his annuities business has come from, you guessed it, referrals. How does he do it? His answer will absolutely amaze you…

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