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Client Testimonials

Polly R. 

Take the time to talk with Andrea and Insurance Web Designs. They can help you create what you are looking for.  I can't say enough about Andrea and Janet regarding working with me to create our website. Andrea went above and beyond to assist and hold my hand during the process. I had previously tried to create a website with another company and was really needing some sound expertise. I couldn't be more pleased with the finished product and the experience with Insurance Web Designs. Thank you for your professionalism and patience, and look forward to recommending your company to industry peers.

Wendee A. 

As a start-up brokerage, I didn't have the budget for a website, but had champagne taste for what I wanted. Andrea took the time to listen and hear my vision for what I wanted my website to look and feel like. Andrea made everything so easy for me and she was ultra-responsive. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to build an impressive website. She is simply great!

George A. 

Do yourself a favor and Include a conversation with Andrea to find out how she can help save you time and money. We are extremely pleased with the quality, response and value we've discovered using Andrea and Insurance Web Designs. Thank you, and please keep up the great work!

David A. 

This was the first time that I had to create my own website, and I expected it to be difficult, but everything was done for me and you made the process easy to understand. After just a few clicks on the computer I'm now enjoying a website that gets a lot of compliments.

Brad K. 

Brad K.

Insurance Web Designs was excellent to work with and provided great customer service. Their follow through after the original sale for updates and changes to our site was equally impressive each time we needed their assistance. Thank you for such great customer service and follow through!

Nikos A. 

Nikos A.

After initially glancing over the Insurance Web Designs website and making first contact with Andrea I was certain she was the person I wanted to deal with. She knew exactly what I was looking for and executed it perfectly. I've never had an instance where she didn't make herself available to answer my questions and always provides valuable insight and knownledge. I highly recommend her to any financial services professional looking to build a presence on the web!

Mitchell P. 

Mitch Pomper Testimonial
Mitchell P.

Insurance Web Designs is very pro-active, they return calls quickly, and are extremely responsive....which is not the level of service I've seen with their competitors. I would recommend them highly.

Cheryl C. 

C Tran Insurance Testimonial

Cheryl C.

Insurance Web Designs has made my online presence a piece of cake. They delivered exactly what I wanted- a simple, clean, no fuss website. They also host both my website and email so that I can spend my time doing what I do best- selling insurance. Andrea is always so helpful and informative. I would highly recommend her and Insurance Web Designs.

Cameron K. 

Texas Medigap Select Testimonial
Cameron K.

As an insurance agent that has been in the industry for over 8 years now, I have seen the changes and needs for technology and how useful it can be in my day-to-day business. It seems like now-a-days if you do not have a website as a business owner or an insurance agent, that you do not have a true identity. Already having one website in place and learning from my mistakes of choosing the wrong company, paying too much for the design and not having the accessibility to make the changes I want, sent me in search of the best insurance website company I could find. When I came across, I truly found exactly what I was looking for. Insurance Web Designs brings so much to the table with very competitive pricing.  Easy to use editing software, tons of templates to use from, email accounts and more. Andrea Shepherd, the owner of Insurance Wed Designs, Inc. is also awesome. Andrea will help walk you through your website design, be around to answer any questions you may have, and help show you some of the tricks-of-the-trade to help your website standout. Don't just take my word for it, check out my website. If you are looking for the best insurance website design company, hands down Insurance Web Designs is the way to go.

Dave H. 

ANDREA MADE IT VERY EASY FROM THE BEGINNING. Excellent service. We are VERY VERY satisfied and glad we chose Andrea was a pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable. when ever I called with a question she ALWAYS got back to me IMMEDIATELY. She was also very pleasant and had EXCELLENT IDEAS.

Dominic A. 

Dominic A.

I am so glad that I came across Insurance Web Designs, they have helped me grow my business in ways that I could not imagine. The ideas and attention to detail have proven to be a true success to my growth as a company. Not only are they good at what they do, but the pricing is very competitive. I would recommend them highly!

Hadley W. 

HLinwood Insurance Testimonial
Hadley W.

I have been working with Andrea and Insurance Web Designs since 2010 and have been very pleased with their service and results. She is a true expert in her field and always helpful and patient with us. I would recommend her services to any insurance agency!

Malena F. 

RVIS Testimonial
Malena F.

We had a website for years that I was never happy with. I wanted to make changes and they wanted to nickel & dime me for everything.  I decided to venture out & look for a new company. I researched for 3 months before settling on Insurance Web Designs.  They had everything I was looking for in one place- good pricing, easy to use software, and the ability to make any and all changes I wanted to myself. That was the biggest selling point- I can go online any time of the day and update our site- there's no nickel and diming!   I love the new layout we have at It looks professional, friendly, easy to navigate. Plus, the service? Incredible. I am constantly adding to or changing things on our site, and I'm still learning how to use it. Every time I contact the service team, I get a quick reply and they stay with me until I have every question answered. They always walk me through things and follow up to make sure I understand what I did. Our clients are responding positively to our website as well: one new account called to say he found our website and was so impressed with how "Tech Savvy" we are, he was moving all his business. I would recommend this product to any insurance agent looking to stay ahead of the pack.

Danny R. 

Big Apple Testimonial
Danny R.
I hired Insurance Web Designs to develop my agency's website, and my promo video. I'm extremely satisfied with they way they both came out.

Jeff C. 

Jeff Conyers Insurance Testimonial
Jeff C.

I appreciate the fact that you all provide a very good product at a reasonable price, fast and courteous support, and most all do not try to nickel and dime me to death which each question I have.

More Testimonials 

I highly recommend Andrea Shepherd and her business, Insurance Web Designs, Inc. As a busy professional, I was extremely pleased to make contact with Andrea who helped design my website for my business and took the time to listen to what I wanted my site to reflect and balanced that with what worked best for my business. She is knowledgeable and provides excellent personal service which includes communicating with me in the manner that is best for me!

Cheryl S.

If you are looking for a highly professional web site (which you must have today) then use Insurance Web Designs.
The sales staff is so very friendly and helpful, and the designers work very hard to capture the exact look and feel you want. I could not be more delighted with their work! Thank you!

David L.

Andrea has been a great help in developing our Website. I would highly recommend Andrea Shepherd for any and all Website information. 

Sandra S.

My website is now a powerful tool that will help me market my services and grow my business thanks to the understanding and expertise of Insurance Web Designs. Great to work with, I would do it all over again.

Jody W.

Great staff, great product, easy to create website with the help of professional staff.


Fantastic! We couldn't be more pleased. IWD delivered everything they promised and then some. They were pleasantly responsive at every turn. They were thorough and went the extra mile to communicate their progress with us.They gave great attention to detail and demonstrated a strong understanding of the insurance industry. IWD also offered a "onestop shopping" experience that we had not anticipated. For example, they provided a means by which to obtain a domain name as well as an intuitive program that will enable us to modify our site whenever we need to. We give IWD and their customer service team a superior rating. Thanks for a job well done!

Sarah M.

I would highly recommend Insurance Web Designs for your insurance website. I am not a computer "whiz" at all, but Insurance Web Designs made it very simple for me to have a professional looking website for my agency at an affordable price. I would highly recommend them and their staff for all your website needs.

Larry D.

Andrea made the entire process very simple and the outcome was more then we ever expected. We would recommend Insurance Web Designs and Andrea to anyone in the insurance industry looking for a professional web site at a fair and reasonable price.

Mitchell B.

I am very happy with your designs and expertise. Andrea was knowledgeable and great to work with. She took care of everything I wanted done on our new website!

Jim M.

I would highly recommend using Insurance Web Designs for your insurance website. They do a superb job, in a very timely manner, and allow you the freedom to not have to start from scratch when building your website. The whole process from start to finish was very smooth, and Andrea was great to work with.

Brian M.

Armed with recommendations found in an article on The Independent Insurance Agents of America web site, we researched the market…agent, company, and web designer sites. Many were appalling. (Question. Why would anyone do business with a web designer who cannot even perfect their own site?) Fortunately, Insurance Web Designs provided a variety of styles and the flexibility to create the site we wanted. Plus, their high quality and affordable price made our choice easy. After working with Andrea, we found we had made the right selection regarding web designer. Our clients (and companies) find our new web site friendly, informative and productive. Working with Insurance Web Designs was a smart decision. Insurance Web Designs offered a superior site at a fair price. Andrea worked with us until she understood what we wanted. The finished product is better than we'd imagined. Our clients have even complimented us on our new site. We achieved what we wanted…a site that is friendly, informative and useful.

Doug L.

Insurance Web Designs were phenomenal. they stayed on top of things during the entire process and most importantly.... understood the assignments on all the corrections we requested throughout the process. If you want to focus on your business while creating an awesome website, Insurance Web Designs are your onestop shop! Highly recommended!!

Yuerg E.

My website looks fantastic and highly professional and the service was absolutely awesome. Thanks for making me look good!

Natasha R.

Thanks so much in helping me get my site built. I have already sold two policies through the site. A customer was referred to me last weekend. The person went to my website, filled out the quote forms and they were emailed to me. I jumped right on it and wrote an auto & homeowners policy. Total premium was about $1100. This site made it very easy for the customer as well as myself.

Joseph L.

IWD was very quick to post my web site once I approved the mockup. I am not a techie guy and even I can easliy make changes to text. Thats pretty big! Really! They are easy to work with and that is a plus also.

Michael F.

I'm very happy with my website. You didn't hesitate when with the customizations I asked for and implemented 2 other quoting services I use into my website. Andrea is a pleasure to work with and will defiantly refer you to other agents in the market for a website.

Jeff R.

You cannot beat Insurance Web Designs for their price and professionalism.They give you everything you need in an insurance website at a whole lot less. I highly recommend them.

Gene B.

Your service and response time are exceptional. You were very helpful in helping us get the look we wanted in the budget and timeframe we required I would highly recommend you to others!

Karen K.

I want to thank Andrea for helping me set up my web site. Basically I had no idea what I was doing. I talked to her several times a day for a week. She was very helpful and you could just see her smile through the phone. In addition, the web site was very reasonable priced. I highly recommend Insurance Web Designs to anyone wanting their own web site.

Bill H.

As an agent who has spent a lot of time looking for website creation that is affordable and caters to insurance industry, Insurancewebdesigns were great!

Jay C.

Andrea was excellent! She showed patience and was always willing to work with me. She is a great asset to your company!

Ray M.

Insurancewebdesigns had a site up and running for me within 3 days! They went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations! I would recommend their services to anyone interested!

Mike H.

I had another company developing me a website that could not provide satisfactory designs or hit reasonable time frames and I had to terminate their services. I started searching the web and found many companies that offered insurance web design, but I really like the wide variety of samples that Insurance Web Designs offered. I decided to call and professionalism and eagerness to help me won me over immediately. They were excellent to work with and provided me an excellent product. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Randy E.

Andrea is an extremely talented web artist we've have a lot of fun working with her. My agency now has a topshelf fullservice website that has set us miles above our competition. Our clients enjoy the selfservice features, which has dramatically reduced the time and resources that we used to spend on daytoday client disruptions. We now have more time to get back to selling insurance!

Scott H.

Andrea, I wanted to thank you for your time and ability to design what we were looking for. The site is professional and an excellent resource for our clients to visit and request quotes, changes and other items. The transition from our current website design to your design has been an A++ upgrade and you responded quickly. I'm an insurance agent with zero web designing skills, but I do understand good communication and customer service and you provided both of those. I look forward to expanding this website with your help over the years. Thank you.

Todd S.

I would like to Thank the staff at Insurance Web Designs for doing a stellar job at creating an insurance website that stands out from the rest of the pack to give our agency a competitive edge! I searched 6 months for a site that was both easy for me to operate as well as consumer friendly and economical. What I didn't expect was the incredibly quick customer service I received when I had a question or needed something changed. Thanks again for your expertise in designing such a great website! I highly recommend Insurance Web Designs to all insurance agencies looking to expand their ecommerce business.

Keith M.

I have to say, without a doubt, on of the friendliest companies we have ever worked with. I had a ton of questions, all were answered, even though I'm sure they were getting tired of my emails and calls. The site was done as we asked, maybe even better. This was a pain free experience and would recommend them to anyone. Brenda and Andrea were super to work with and fantastic people. Thank you so much for meeting all of our needs.

John W.

Great work! Insurance Web Designs are doing a second website for my brother and myself. Can't wait! Thanks for everything.

Meredith Z.

Thank you for the outstanding personal service you've provided and continue to provide. It is apparent that you are as concerned about the success of our website as we are.

Melissa P.

It is obvious that there are compassionate human beings involved with your company so many times when you deal with companies on the net, you have to wait so long even for a reply, and you get the feeling that they just don't care. Insurance Web Designs is one of the few places where you don't get the horrible feeling of being ignored or rippedoff it's such a pleasure to have you around.

Shawna D.

After two years of having a web site and dealing with incompetent companies and web designers who don't listen, don't care and have no idea of what good service is, you are a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a first class web design firm.

Lewis N.

Andrea was great to work with, she did an awesome job!

Don H.

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