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Thursday, February 07 2019
Insurance Marketing Done Right: How to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Insurance Marketing Done Right: How to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Before you can convert any leads, you have to get traffic to your site. Here are some insurance marketing tips that will help you do just that.

Struggling to ensure your traffic flow as an insurance business?

Just over 70% of small businesses handle their own marketing. If you're an insurance company looking to increase your traffic, you may have already discovered that doing your own marketing can be an uphill battle.

Don't panic just yet. Below, we're taking a look at insurance marketing done right.

Create A Blog

It seems everyone has a blog, these days, but that only proves how valuable they are.

A blog is a fantastic chance to provide value for visitors to your site. It allows your site to become something more than a fancy business card.

But creating a blog isn't just about giving your customers something to read. Used right, a blog can establish authority. Customers want an insurer who knows the game.

Use your blog to show off your insurance knowledge in a way that speaks to your customers. That way, you're providing a valuable resource that proves your credibility.

Audit Your SEO

Your site's SEO is the scraps of information a search engine will read to figure out where you should sit in the rankings.

SEO is a deep topic, but even breaking through the surface of SEO can improve your traffic flow. Start by looking into your site's keywords, backlinks, and quality of content.

For only a small amount of additional work, you can secure a higher place in the rankings, which will help potential customers find you.

Break Down the Trust Barrier

Let's face it, customers seek out insurance companies out of necessity, not for the joy they bring.

Many potential customers don't trust insurance companies thanks to prior experiences or bad business practices. Insurance companies face an uphill struggle to reestablish trust.

That's why establishing a trustworthy voice is so powerful in insurance marketing. Tailor your brand to provide comfort and assurance, so that your customers know they're dealing with a company that cares.

Your blog is one great way to do this. So is providing helpful video content and other resources your potential customers can use. The more support you offer, the more trust you can build.

Social Media

It's so obvious at this point that it's almost trite, but you need social media if you want to get your company noticed.

There's too much noise on the internet to keep you from climbing to the top. Your competitors in the insurance market will use social media, which means you have to, as well. Otherwise, you'll be the one making less noise.

It's not always easy to "win" at social media, but your presence alone can be enough to extend your reach. You can supplement that with social media campaign ideas like Q&As, helpful videos, and general advice to attract visitors to your site.

Insurance Marketing Done Right

With these simple tips, you can get your insurance marketing on point and drive up traffic to your site. That could be the first step toward greater business success.

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