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Thursday, March 30 2017

Watch this crazy insurance lady!

She didn't advertise. She didn't do social media. She focused solely on RELATIONSHIPS and won! Big time.

Here is a transcript of what she has to say:

most recently i just sold insurance agency 0:05 and retired and I wanted to take a 0:07 minute or two to tell you about how we 0:10 utilize send out cards and the teachings 0:13 of cody Bateman in that insurance agency 0:16 and so what we did for the last six 0:19 years I've been a customer of send out 0:21 cards and we utilize that system in our 0:23 agency to send about 850 Birkett cards a 0:27 year we also had a referral program so 0:30 if someone refer business into our 0:32 agency we would acknowledge the referral 0:35 and send out i think you know with a 0:37 starbucks card and we did that right 0:38 from our send out parts website or we 0:41 can do it from our phone and so it made 0:44 it really easy to act on our promptings 0:46 to appreciate when people refer to us we 0:51 also taught our staff to basically 0:55 listen to the customer and by building 0:58 the relationship we were asking them 1:01 about what was going on in their life 1:02 and we listened about babies or 1:04 celebrations or we acknowledge people 1:07 and they got sick with cinema get-well 1:09 card or maybe if we heard someone had a 1:11 death in the family we would send a 1:13 sympathy card and so we just wanted them 1:16 to know that they matter to us as a 1:19 person we wanted to build that 1:21 relationship and that they mattered 1:23 beyond the insurance transaction and it 1:26 was our number one mode of marketing we 1:30 did not use email marketing we did not 1:32 use facebook we did not use twitter we 1:36 only use send out cards to touch our 1:38 customers and some of those customers 1:40 i've never met i had 1500 + customers so 1:42 them around the country I've never met 1:44 them but I could still effectively build 1:47 the relationship to send out cards i 1:51 didn't have to see them every day I had 1:52 this powerful tool that I could send 1:55 them something and let them know that I 1:57 cared you can definitely make a 2:00 difference and you can be unique in a 2:03 noisy world and send out cards is that 2:06 powerful tool so i hope this helped 2:09 and I hope you have a great day.

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