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Wednesday, August 20 2014
Could This Be the Real Dawn of the Smart Home?

According to an article in Time magazine: “Companies have been promising the dawn of the smart home–a futuristic dwelling full of gadgets working seamlessly to satisfy your every whim–since the ’50s. Yet early efforts failed to deliver because of clunky tech and consumer wariness.” 

A company called SmartThings has built a platform that allows the objects in your home–doors, locks, lightbulbs, even sprinkler systems–to talk to one another and prioritize your needs. 

SmartThings has competition from other companies with more familiar names, such as Apple, AT&T and Google. But according to the Time article, “SmartThings, though smaller and less resource-rich than the tech titans, is well positioned to lead the pack. Unlike bigger companies, it doesn’t have an established business model to protect, so it can reimagine the connected home from scratch.” 

This month, SmartThings was acquired by Samsung

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