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Wednesday, August 14 2013

POP3 email accounts can now be upgraded to IMAP email accounts.  IMAP is an email protocol which keeps email stored on the server and allows a better email experience when customers are using multiple email clients/devices to access their email.  It also provides a backup of email in case the device storing messages fails.  When using an IMAP account a user can sync their email between all of their IMAP devices so emails sorted into folders including sent and draft messages will appear on all devices.

Please note that our webmail system is a POP3 only email client and cannot be used with IMAP email accounts.  We are considering adding IMAP webmail support in a future update.

A customer can add the IMAP upgrade by going to My account->upgrade plan and selecting the amount of IMAP storage needed.  This storage space is distributed across all of the IMAP email accounts the customer has setup.  The upgrade fee is $1 per GB of storage space and starts at a 2GB upgrade.  An upgrade fee is necessary for IMAP as the storage and processing resources are significantly more intensive than POP3.

When a customer adds the IMAP upgrade, their email accounts are still left in POP3 mode.  Once the customer reads their email account via IMAP, that account will automatically be converted to IMAP.  This allows customer to continue using some of their email accounts as POP3 accounts and others as IMAP accounts.  Once a customer has added the IMAP upgrade, device specific IMAP email setup instructions will appear in their email account setup/help area.

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