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Saturday, June 15 2013

Any SEO provider who's trying to do the right thing will tell you that SEO is so much harder than it used to be. Content marketing takes far more time and effort than the link building tactics that worked years ago. Some try to cut corners by writing one article and posting that one article on multiple websites. That's duplicate content. It's certainly efficient for the SEO provider, but not effective for search results. Let's say Google gives you points for content marketing:

  • One unique article posted on one site - 1 point.
  • One unique article posted on two, three, four or more sites - may look impressive,
    but still - 1 point.
  • Four unique articles posted on four sites - 4 points.

You get no credit for duplicate content. Duplicate content does nothing for search rankings but seeing their articles duplicated on numerous websites might impress those who don’t know better. You know better! 

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