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Friday, April 12 2013

What is 'newsjacking,' other than a term that we’ve started to hear tossed around lately? For starters, it is a natural extension of content marketing and it is NOT a bad thing. It’s really just another smart way to do SEO right. To newsjack is to contribute to the conversation on highly visible breaking news relevant to one’s own industry.

How To Newsjack:
1) Pay attention to breaking news
2) Identify the keywords being searched for related to the breaking news
3) Produce high-quality content relevant to your business incorporating the keywords you have identified
4) Syndicate content quickly so that it can be found by other media outlets

For instance, if breaking news is 'President Obama Releases Budget', you can write about how the new budget may affect your specific industry using the keywords you’ve carefully researched. Then people who are searching for the news might see your content and become interested in your business!

Newsjacking leverages breaking news and the search demand on the corresponding keywords to gain visibility in the search rankings. Give it a try.

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