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Friday, February 15 2013
Due to a recent Google update, the number of reviews appearing on some Google+ Local pages are likely to increase, for better or for worse. Google has issued advice to help you keep your legitimate Google+ Local reviews from being deleted. (Potential customers look at these reviews! It would stink if helpful reviews that vouch for your services were mistaken for spam and poof...deleted!?) Business owners should take great care to follow Google’s advice on how to avoid this internet marketing catastrophe.

Most notable advice: 
  • Encourage customers to write reviews for your business. This is not as hard as you think. Send reminder e-mails asking customers to please review your business on Google+ Local. Add a link on your website that leads to your Google+ Local page. Get creative.
  • Bad reviews happen. The best way to make up for bad reviews is to get as many good reviews as possible.
Evading all of the pitfalls caused by Google’s constant algorithm changes can make Local SEO confusing. Let us keep up with the trends and news for you--find out how you can ramp up your local presence.
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