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Wednesday, November 21 2012

Google has unleashed another in a series of updates that are aimed at providing search engine users with a better experience. The Exact Match Domain update (or EMD) aims to decrease the occurrence of low-quality “exact-match” domains in the search engine results page. 

An exact-match domain is a domain name that actually contains keywords within the domain. Examples: and When the target keyword phrase in an exact match domain has high search volume, it has built-in SEO value.

With the release of the new “EMD update”, websites having an exact-match domain that also contain low-quality content may find themselves having fallen from grace. 

There has also been another recent Panda update--aimed at increasing quality of content. The EMD and Panda updates serve as reminders that content is king. About one third of your rank juice comes from things you do on your website. Having informative, relevant, quality content on your site is essential to the success of your online marketing campaigns. The Exact-Match Domain update is another step towards quality over sneaky free rides to the top. Call us to improve the quality of content on your site and launch your SEO campaign. 
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