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Friday, October 26 2012
First, we'll start off with the basics. What is an auto responder?
This short video explains what they are and how they work.

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How can you use auto responders as a part of your insurance marketing strategy?
Following up with prospects after a quote has been given can be time consuming and tedious. Auto responders (used wisely) can keep you in front of those prospects week after week, or month after month, without you having to do any extra work. Automation is awesome, if you take advantage of it!

Deliver valuable content.
Don't let all of your auto responder messages be a sales message in their inbox. That's just rude. They don't have to be long emails, but have a purpose for each message.

For example, you could have an auto responder series that talks about how to save money when purchasing auto insurance:
  • Email #1 - Tip #1 - raise your deductibles
  • Email #2 - Tip #2 - for older vehicles, consider dropping comp & coll all together
  • Email #3 - Tip #3 - get a quote for your homeowners or renters policy while you're at it. some companies give discounts for multiple lines of insurance.
That is just one very quick sample of how you can take one topic and break it down into bite sized chunks and not overwhelm your reader with too much information at one time, but rather drip it to them, slowly, over time.

Any thoughts or comments?
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