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Tuesday, September 25 2012
Twitter gets fancy

There's ALWAYS something new in social media! 
This month Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced a svelte new look for Twitter profile pages. Now, you can plaster a large image that represents your company across the top of your Twitter page. The new feature hasn't been rolled out to everyone just yet, but should eventually be available for all profiles. 
In addition, your avatar has been promoted from its subtle spot in the corner to smack dab in the center of your page. The photo stream has been moved up too, and will now be accessible on the new mobile apps. 
Twitter's new layout let's people and brands express more about themselves. A well designed background and header image let's prospective followers know that you are a credible company committed to communicating with its customers on social media networks. 
How To Create Your Twitter Header Image: 
1) Click “Edit Profile” under the settings icon on the top right of your screen. 
2) Select “Design” on your left menu bar 
3) Scroll down to “Customize Your Own” and select “Change Header” 
4) Choose either “Take Photo” or “Choose Existing Photo” (“Take Photo” will allow you to take a new photo via your computer's/phone's camera. “Choose Existing Photo” has you select from your image library.) 
5) Move and scale your image to your heart's content (Original image size cannot exceed 1252×626 pixels. We recommend you go no smaller than 640 pixels wide.) 
6) Ta-dah! You now have a new header image. 
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