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Thursday, July 12 2012
Though Google is known for being incredibly vague with its SEO guidelines, one thing is very clear: Google wants high quality content so users get relevant search results 100% of the time and advertisers keep coming back.

Content marketing is all about educating and informing consumers about topics that are related to a particular industry. It's not a hard sell. The company that is the 'sponsor' of the helpful article gets its brand in front of consumers who are likely to need its services. That article sends traffic from Google and other search engines and fortifies the campaign with traffic from referrals, social media, customer reviews, word of mouth and more.

When we market content for your campaign, we place it where it will bring value to you, the audience and the search engines. Content marketing has the added benefit of attracting high-quality natural links that are less vulnerable to Google updates, like Penguin.
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You will also be able to send a free card (on me!) to test drive exactly how easy the system is to use.