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Thursday, January 19 2012
Blogging on your website is a great way to add fresh content but more importantly, blogs can be a search engine traffic magnet! Your long-tail keyword-rich blog has potential to rank highly for any number of long-tail keyword phrases that are relevant to your industry. 
Many marketers are inclined to target head terms, which are high volume keywords consisting of one or two words. Example 'lawyer' or 'tax lawyer.' But head terms are very competitive and there's little chance they'll improve your search rankings. The smarter strategy is to use long-tail keywords. Example, 'tax lawyer specializing in small business.' Yes, there are far fewer searches on long-tail keywords BUT, a recent industry study demonstrated that using long-tail keywords can help a website move up in the search rankings far more rapidly than head terms. And, long-tail terms converted two and a half times more than head terms. Long-tail keywords may bring smaller traffic volume to your site but chances are, it will be the profitable kind of traffic! 
Need even more evidence that targeting long-tail keywords can be good for your search results? Last month, Google announced that it would be doing more comprehensive indexing, making long-tail documents available in its index. That means that your blog that contains long-tail keywords is now more likely to rank for relevant queries! 
Many people throw a blog post up every day without much thought to keywords or quality. Our advice: concentrate on using long-tail keywords in your blog and make sure the content is useful to your readers. 
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