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Wednesday, May 04 2011

There are many theories looming around out there about what makes for a good domain name. The most important, however; are listed here:

  1. Not Too Lengthy
    Short domain names are always better than really long ones. See number two for some exceptions.
  2. Easy To Remember
    An easy to remember domain name isn't always a short domain name. could have easily purchased, but it is virtually meaningless to anyone outside of our company! On the other hand, American Automobile Association purchasing makes all the sense in the world.
  3. No Trick Spelling
    Try to avoid using dashes if possible. Also, don't use a number in place of the word. For example, Or, use a letter in place of a word. For example, If you use one of these seemingly "clever" domain names, you'll find yourself (and your staff!) constantly s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g out your domain name. Your time is much more valuable than that.
  4. Relates To Your Business
    Selecting a domain name that relates to your business just makes good sense. We design websites for insurance agents, so meets all of the above criteria. It's short, easy to remember, doesn't use any trick spelling techniques and definately relates to our business.

Good Luck!

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