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Tour Insurance Website Design  

    Website Features

    When you order your insurance website design from us, we take care of everything for you!


    What is included with your insurance website design order? Lots of stuff! 


    We've gone to a lot of time and trouble (not to mention the painstaking brainstorming sessions and endless midnight oil burning) to deliver a robust and EASY to use system for our insurance agent clients. We understand that you sell insurance for a living and don't have the time (and probably the desire) to learn how to maintain your website. Easy to use was a mandatory feature and we have delivered!


    Website Hosting

    Website hosting is like a house, its somewhere that makes your website available to people who use the internet. Website hosting also gives your website an address called an IP (Internet Protocol) which is like the numbers in your home address. You share the same street with your neighbours, but your house has its own numbers. Most often however, many websites share the same IP address, like apartment buildings. We host your website for you so that people using the internet can type in your website address (your domain name - our domain name is and see your new website.


    Ready in 3-5 Business Days

    When you order your insurance agency website, you will immediately receive your "welcome aboard kit" - this kit is basically an online form that asks you questions you know off the top of your head, but that we need to know in order to get your website set up for you. We ask you everything from your office location and operating hours to which content you would like installed on your website. Once we receive this kit back from you, we will have your website ready for you to view and approve within 3 to 5 business days.


    Content Provided

    Most insurance agents do not have the time or desire to write tedious coverage information for each line of insurance they write. We take care of that for you. We have pre-written content available for your use.

    Some of the Content Provided Includes:

    • Home
    • About Us
    • Services
      • Personal Lines Information
      • Commercial Lines Information
      • Life & Health Information
    • Contact Us
    • Request a Quote

    Control Dashboard

    You're in the drivers seat. Once your website is launched, you will have full access to your website control panel. 

    You even have the ability to build and modify your own forms using the system and those would of course be completely editable by you.


    Social Networking & Blog Linking

    Have a Facebook page or Twitter account? How about LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Flickr, Foursquare, StumbleUpon, etc... Great! You can add social networking icons and links, even pull in feeds from Facebook, Twitter, etc... 


    Unlimited Color Options

    Change your website color scheme anytime you want to. NOT recommended if you have a premium layout.


    Refer-A-Friend Form

    Your website has the capability to be a referral machine! Simply put a refer a friend button on each page. When someone fills out the form, it sends an email to their friend saying "hey! check out this website... plus whatever comments the user fills out" and the email is automatically sent to their friend.


    Upload Images, Flash, Videos, Music, PDF, DOC, etc..

    Have videos? Upload videos in a variety of formats and they play right on your website. You can add links to pdf and word doc files with ease. Want to change or add images to your website? It's a breeze.


    Privacy Policy

    We provide you with a templated privacy policy. We encourage you to post your own privacy policy or even make adjustments to the one we provide.


    Map & Directions

    Most insurance agents have an actual brick and mortar operation. When you do work out of an office, it is always a good idea to provide a map and driving directions right on your website. The little details like that can make all the difference in a users experience.


    Carrier Logo Library

    If you acquire new appointments with carriers, easily add their logo to your carriers represented page by using the Carrier Logo Library.


    Newsletter Capabilities

    If you write a newsletter each month, or quarter, you can easily add your newsletter to your website and even email it to all of your clients right from your website control panel.


    Mailing List(s) Capabilities

    Just like sending a newsletter, you can send out emails to your clients and prospective clients with the touch of a button. Keeping in touch is important and if you don't have a third party program that provides these capabilities for you, we highly recommend you use ours.


    Customizable Blog w/ RSS 

    What is a blog? Wiktionary defines it as: "A website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts. Most blogs are written in a slightly informal tone (personal journals, news, businesses, etc....")

    In the case of an insurance agency blog, the posts could be about how to save money when buying auto insurance or why you should choose a higher deductible on your homeowners insurance. Whatever it is you want to write about, a blog is the place to do it. Our blogging platform is completely integrated with your website design. You don't have to sign up for a special blog account somewhere else, you can just login to your website control panel, click a button and start writing. The system takes care of the RSS feeds, organization, etc... for you.